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GameChanger H20 Covid Relief

GameChanger is a simple means to address the pandemic and aids in health recovery with an ionized water with trace minerals that are safe, effective and inexpensive for public health.  GameChanger offers a one ounce ionized water that has beneficial side effects and has been able to improve immunity.  GameChanger is considered a supplement and over the counter (OTC) under US FDA ingredients guidelines. The mineral trace mineral(0.003%) content is well within the safety limits of ingredients FDA considers Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

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GameChanger is currently working with a reputable lab in Texas to aliquot the ionized water.  We understand the importance of having a qualified facility with an adequate clean room and proper equipment to be able to create a quality product.  We are very pleased with our lab parnter thus far and have strategic cooperation on future expansion plans. WE ARE READY TO ACCEPT ORDERS!

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